For the love of cannabis, we bring you PLANT PROSE: fun, bite-sized writings by Shwa Laytart originally published for Vegas Cannabis Magazine's "What's Good In Nevada Dispensaries" monthly column.  



February 2019

If you like to wake-n-bake like me, you’re going to love waking up with Cannabiotix Purple Punch. Not only does this lovely lady look beautiful first thing in the morning with her purple and red hair shimmering in the light of dawn, she also tastes sweet and fruity as she kisses your lips and hugs your lungs. It is an indica, but for those that like to start the morning slow, this is the exact inspiration one needs to take on the day like a hero. You’ll leave the house smiling ear to ear. Good morning world, I’m here to spread my kindness!

tryke v kush cannabis product review pla


February 2019

These V Kush nugs from TRYKE are tighter than a fruit fly’s ass and dense like diamonds. Crack into this floral geode and release its spicy limonene and caryophyllene into the room. A strong peppery-lemon fragrance that will have your eyes and mouth watering. This sativa dominant strain is the perfect addition to any mid-afternoon safety meeting or precursor to that brainstorming, strategy whiteboard ‘discovery’ session you have tomorrow. There’s no doubt that the V in V Kush stands for victorious, and after a few rips that’s exactly how you’re going to feel!

Remedy Lemonade Dream Plant Prose cannab


February 2019

Remedy’s Lemonade Dream should really be called Granny’s Lemon Cake. The minute you open the jar, not only does the sweet smell of Meyer Lemons blast through the room, but so does the sweet smell of cake dough. CAKE DOUGH! I gained three pounds from this delectable dessert as I was rolling it up. Once lit, the bakery flavors don’t stop. A mouthful of light buttery sweet smoke leaves behind hints of lemon and vanilla frosting. And frosted is exactly how you’ll spend the next few hours. Lemonade Dream will have you nostalgic for the best days of your childhood, hanging out with granny in the kitchen and baking heavenly goodness.

vegas cannabis magazine 2.2019 kennys to


February 2019

Don’t know about you, but I’m not a fan of corn syrup covered burnt bongwater brownies or jaw-wrenching leathery gummies with flavors that linger in my mouth like dinosaur piss. That’s a movie I didn’t buy a ticket for. So when I popped a couple of Kenny’s Toffilicious chocolate with toffee bits, I became an instant enthusiast. Made with premium coating chocolate, a smooth clean cannabis oil distillate and the perfect amount of buttery toffee bits, these little delights are the perfect addition to any afternoon matinee. I highly recommend adding a handful of creamy caramel-y Sugar Daddies to these tasty treats, let that movie work its magic, and let Kenny’s Toffilicious bits make you a star!

remedy terp x vegas cannabis magazine pr


February 2019

When Wild Bill calls you in for drug testing, you rise and shine. On the list today we have Holy Purps Citrus Solvent. Once in the laboratory, Wild Bill wasted no time in heating up the rig and grabbing the gooey goodness in preparation for my immediate launch. TerpX is known for their “live” concentrates throughout Colorado, and now throughout Nevada. As I swirled this living solvent around in the bowl, it twinkled like the ocean at sunset. Glittering with sparkles of coppery reds, golden oranges, and hints of emerald, I’m immediately sucked into the lights and blasted out the other side. The perfect concentrate to start off with. Eyes wide and ready to wrestle the universe. Dabbing Holy Purps Citrus Solvent is like being resurrected.

2.2019 vegas cannabis mag grace notes sa


February 2019

It’s no surprise that the chocolatier over at Grace Notes used to work under Chef Wolfgang Puck. This chocolate is a gourmet treat with just the right amount of salty potato chip making it hard to just have one. Luckily Grace Notes chocolates also come in large and thick bars. I’m talking a fatty! You get what you pay for with Grace Notes so don’t be shy about going big. I have a feeling you can’t eat just one either!

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