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Bond Road Cannabis Company is Las Vegas’ local boutique cannabis operation that grows flower with classic grace and style. Bond Road is a brand that should be at the top of every local and tourist’s cannabis consumption list.

Named after Mrs. Bond, a Las Vegas local from a generation long forgotten, Bond Road Cannabis has a 1950s retro feel reminiscent of an era when Vegas was a town of class and style that focused on the customer’s needs and desires. A time when visitors staying in Las Vegas felt like stars, privileged to receive nothing but the highest quality amenities by the friendly and professional service people who provided them.

Two signature Bond Road strains that take the stage in Vegas are Bonded 99 and the local favorite, Bond Road Kush. These plants are grown in a 2,275 square feet facility with the attention and love that only a boutique cannabis company can offer.

But thanks to Jonathan Krajnak, these two strains are just the beginning.

At the base of all quality companies are the people that make it happen. Leading Bond Road Cannabis is General Manager Jonathan Krajnak. Krajnak was hired in June 2016, and Bond Road Cannabis Company was scheduled to begin production that year. Two weeks after being hired, Krajnak blew out his knee. During that time, the owners of Bond Road postponed starting up the operation, giving Krajnak time to heal.

Krajnak, trying to avoid taking opiates post-surgery, needed to find a strong strain to help with the pain. That’s when he discovered GG5 formerly known as Gorilla Glue #5, a strain known for its high THC potency and effective pain relief. Krajnak purchased the flower from a local dispensary and found himself extremely disappointed. “It was terrible.”

Recovering from surgery and with time on his hands, Krajnak emailed Ross Johnson and Don Peabody the creators of the original GG genetics. Why was the GG he smoked not as strong as the GG everyone else claimed to be smoking? Low and behold, the GG5 that Krajnak was smoking was a knock-off that hijacked the name. Not a true GG strain. Luckily, Johnson was able to get him true GG, and after his first hit, Krajnak knew this was the strain he wanted to grow.

Krajnak realized what was missing in Las Vegas was a true GG strain.

He did everything he could to convince the owners of Bond Road Cannabis Co. to let him grow the GG strain in their soon-to-be facility. The answer was a constant, no.

With Bond Road still waiting to begin production, Krajnak, now healed up, took a job as a budtender and helped launch MMJ America. “I really wanted to get to know what locals wanted as far as their weed and what the market was missing.” He spent 20 months at MMJ America, with eight to nine months as a budtender before taking on the role of manager. During that time he got to know the locals, made long-lasting connections, doing his own market research.

Krajnak said goodbye to his team at MMJ America when it was time to launch Bond Road.

Krajnak, like so many Las Vegas locals, comes from the service industry. For many years prior to his cannabis career, Krajnak was a casino pit manager. After being laid off because of changes at Harrah’s casino, he took a $12 an hour job as a grunt working with cannabis.

“Telling my wife, there’s a plan to all of this and her thinking I hit my head on something.” The transition wasn’t a simple one.

Now fast-forward to 2020, the year of continuous problems. Aside from the obvious COVID-19 issues that plagued all industries, even cannabis, Bond Road had their own internal issues. Eventually, the owners of Bond Road approved Krajnak to grow GG strains, however, doing so successfully became a major issue, from low potency to under performing yields. After numerous failures, Krajnak and his team needed to step back and regroup. They are now focusing on their Bond Road strains, which continue to be successful for the company. However, they haven’t dismissed GG. Moving forward, Krajnak plans on doing smaller, test grows until they reach the potency and yield they’re looking for.

Quality strains are not Krajnak’s only concern. For him, the top priority is building a successful team of employees. “I like seeing my employees grow.” Krajnak says with pride. “We offer a living wage here. If you aren’t making at least $14-$15 an hour, people can’t live.”

“If you do the right thing, I believe that, somehow, the Marijuana Gods will take care of you.” proclaims Krajnak.

“That may sound corny, but I believe that if you do your job honestly and with integrity, you make a true and honest effort to take care of the people that take care of your plants; eventually things will balance out and work the way they should. I truly believe that.”

As big cannabis companies continue to dominate the industry, supporting boutique cannabis brands like Bond Road Cannabis is something we should all strive to do. Much like Krajnak strives to create a sustainable workplace for his employees, all while producing the highest quality cannabis for us to consume. Let’s hope the Marijuana Gods continue to take care of us, one and all.

Bond Road Cannabis can be purchased at your local dispensaries throughout Las Vegas.


INSTAGRAM: @bondroadcannabis


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