Book Launch Success for Avantpop Books at the Las Vegas Book Fest 2019

Avantpop Books' Oh, the A**holes You'll Meet! book launch was welcomed with open arms and laughter for miles at the Las Vegas Book Festival on Saturday, October 19th at the beautiful Historic Fifth Street School downtown. Author Shwa Laytart lit up the tent!

The day brought thousands of literary lovers of all ages to celebrate the written and spoken word. It was a joyful day at the Avantpop Books tent. "Oh, the A**holes You'll Meet!" banner caught everyone's eye and brought smirks and giggles throughout the event. Everyone knows an a**hole or two which struck up many conversations sharing stories.

Our pop-up bookstore with select secondhand and vintage books from our collection was a delight for the guests as its always fun to explore and find that unexpected special book!

We sold $1 books in the kid's section and with every children's book sold we donate 1 book to Spread the Word Nevada. By the end of the day we had 56 children's books to donate. What a great success! Thank you to everyone who made the donations possible.

We can't wait to participate again next year. We're already working on our next book launch...


Oh, the A**holes You'll Meet!


Spread the Word Nevada


Avantpop Books