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Originally published at Dope Magazine


Jeff Danzer AKA The420Chef has a new cannabis channel that makes cooking with cannabis simple, fun and delicious, plus, he’s doing it with friends. The Hollyweed chef to the stars is bringing out a rainbow of characters to showcase their skills and thrills in the cannabis kitchen.

Photo Credit: Sugar Laytart

If cannabis also has a stimulating effect, Jeff Danzer has tapped into the core of it. He’s an internationally acclaimed and award winning self-taught chef who started out using cannabis and food to heal family friends with debilitating diseases. These days Jeff’s a renaissance man when it comes to the industry. From writing books, inventing FreeLeaf™ as well as The THC Calculator that tests butter and oil for homemade edible use, to having a top rated podcast, Jeff’s showed up in every media outlet, and now creating his very own channel and show.

His new show The 420 Gourmet, on The Cannabis Cooking Channel, premiered February 14th and DOPE Magazine was able to sit down to dinner with him to find out what’s in his head and what all he’s cooking up.

Photo Credit: Sugar Laytart

DOPE: What’s your mission with The 420 Gourmet?

J420C: We have two missions: One, to take cannabis from plant to table and make cooking with cannabis simple and easy for everyone and two, to give other cannabis chefs a platform to introduce themselves and showcase their talent.

Where can we watch the show?, Cannabis Club TV and YouTube for now. We’re working on a streaming app that we hope to launch soon.

What makes your channel different from others?

The Cannabis Cooking Channel will feature exclusive shows, unique cannabis cooking techniques, cannabis friendly recipes, top chefs and experts in the cannabis space. It will also serve as a platform to share everything cannabis and culinary from ingredients and equipment to edible brands to cannabis chefs showcasing their talents.

So, who is your favorite Hollyweed star to get giggly with?

(Literally laughing out loud) I’ll never tell…

What’s the future hold?

In addition to building out the Cannabis Cooking Channel, we’ve applied for a license to produce and sell FreeLeaf™, my odorless, tasteless, deep cleaned, pre-decarbed flower specifically developed for cooking.

Well, Jeff, we look forward to the dinner invitations.

Not only will you be able to catch The 420 Gourmet online, it will soon be streaming in dispensaries, starting in California this year.

It’s about to make cooking shows even more watchable than they currently are. Not to mention how much more enjoyable potluck dinners will be.

Make reservations now!

Photo Credit: Sugar Laytart


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