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Originally published at Dope Magazine


opulent chef dinner cannabis infused
Opulent Chef Dinner

I recently took a voyage through one of the most exquisite works of edible art I have ever seen. Like any speakeasy in San Francisco worth going to, this one can be found in plain sight, if you know what you are looking for.

Once inside, you’ll discover The Naked Kitchen; guests mingle in the back patio anxiously awaiting to dine like a shiver of sharks. The journey begins with our ship’s Captain, Chef Michael Magallanes, a San Francisco Michelin Chef who created the Opulent Chef experience alongside master extractor, Barron Lutz of NASHA Extracts.

We prepared to set sail into an eight course vacation from reality. Chef Michael’s sous chefs move like assassins. Each plate, a work of artistic feat, is perfectly replicated like a ripple of water. There is no room for error (and none can be found) and if, perchance, they were to make eye contact with you, you may never set foot on land again.

Luckily the Chef’s hostess and partner’s smile reminds you that you’re safe and secure. Each dish is a customized dosage for the dinner using the GSC strain provided by NASHA Extracts.

I’m not going to describe each lavish treasure found in the chest of delight that are these courses, but I will recount some of the gems you might receive. All life begins with “Milk,” as does this journey.

A Mother of Pearl with hints of anise that bursts into your mouth like a bottle of champagne on the side of your ship as it sets sail. The “Melon” is the Siren Song of the course and once you have gone through this portal it’s unknown what may happen to you.

Sweet, salty citrus with a hint of creamy spice that make every part of your mouth swoon. Braised sweet potato with allium ginseng puree and toasted pumpkin seeds is only a complete bite when you include the blueberry.

A perfectly cooked jujube glazed beef sparkles in your mouth with sprouted wheat berries and coral green pea puree. Dessert can best be described as an exotic mermaid from the Orient. Effortless, and filled with magic. Sea urchins, Royal Oysters and essence of shrimp will forever circumvent your taste buds and travel endlessly through your memory.

The night ends with everyone smiling into the reflections of each other like dolphins after a session of pufferfish. Chef Magallanes, like Magellan himself, navigates you through to the Peaceful Sea—guided only by the stars and his love of what he does.

The Opulent Chef experience ticket price is currently $150 per diner. Get them now at this price while you can. Much like an opium den, this can be a solo mission. Take yourself out and indulge in this voyage of the senses. Who knows who you will meet along the journey. Let’s just hope you both keep your sea legs after.



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