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Originally published at Dope Magazine


“ If we shift even a fraction of our protein consumption to environmentally friendly, healthy, and delicious insects, we will have a significantly smaller water footprint.” -Pat Crowley

Hopefully you remember my article back in the 2017 November issue regarding the future of meat and eating guinea pig as a smart backyard livestock alternative. For those of you that thought that article went too far by suggesting we barbecue up our pets, I offer you up once again a future meat source for your consideration. Although it's been around since the rise of Earthlings.


Billions of people worldwide consume pounds of insects every day. From Asia to Africa to our cousins down in South America. Now it's time for us Westerners to catch the buzz and do our fair share of eating our invertebrate friends. Insects are packed full of protein, fats, amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

For you health nuts out there this shouldn't be a question, wasps have a higher concentration of vitamins than some fruits. And for you foodies, just think of how cool your dinner 'gram shots will be!

Ooh, the potlucks...Larva skewers, grasshopper casserole, flyworm pie... I'm getting hungry! Or maybe it's just you and your sweetie and you plan on cocooning all night bendering your favorite shows, roasting up some ants like popcorn and snuggle bug the night away. Maybe you just need some you time and you're going to roast a dozen beetles in hot oil and sprinkle some sea salt and smoked paprika so you can snack away while taking that much needed hot bath.

Whatever your flavor, whether its grasshoppers or butterfly larvae, cicadas, beetles, caterpillars, silkworms, scorpions, ants, wasps, bees, dragonflies, tarantulas, large bugs or little bugs, with 1900 edible insect species, we've got you covered.

Hell, even the United Nations are pushing the bug buffet. And not just because so many people are already eating them, but also because eating more insects instead of common livestock is key to the future of our survival. I don't think I need to remind

you of livestock's environmental damage.

Let's focus on the economic value. A pound of beef needs 6000 liters of water, while grasshoppers can produce the same amount of meat with next to no water at all. Plus cattle eat more to produce the same amount of biomass. Look! We're saving money already.

If you're reading this and telling yourself, there's no way I will eat bugs, well... lol. The jokes on you. According to those rascals at the FDA, there's an acceptable amount of insects that companies are allowed to feed you.

If you eat processed foods, you could be consuming a couple pounds of insects a year. And if you sleep with your mouth open you can tack on a few more.

One of my favorite people leading the revolution is my friend Pat Crowley. You may recognize him from Shark Tank where he reeled in Mark Cuban as an investor. Pat started Chapul back in 2012. He was the first company in the US to start an insect

protein product line. Pat gets it. He not only gets it, he's an innovator who is looking for solutions to our environmental issues that so many companies are ignoring. He wasn't looking to start a cricket company. He was looking to save one of our most valuable resources- water. Farming crickets takes substantially less water than traditional livestocks. And that's just the start.

Chapul cricket protein powder is rich in amino acids, Omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamin B12, prebiotic fiber and Bioavailable Iron. Plus crickets are more easily digestible than many meat substitutes. Their first product was the award winning Chapul Cricket Bars. Now their bars and protein shake mixes are used by people all over the world.

This Fall, Pat is taking it to the next eco-level. Working with an international green-energy team in Indonesia, Pat will be farming sun grubs on a large scale in the most sustainable way using permaculture in a solar-powered, passive energy, zero-waste facility.

Even capturing rainwater. True green energy. A complete picture of permaculture conservatism. Pat is also teaming up with a sustainable palm tree farmers to use all of their biological byproducts. A million tons of waste will be consumed instead of burned. “We're exploring all industries that produce waste, even cannabis.” Pat proclaims. He even wants to make polymer bioplastics from the exoskeletons and one day

have all his products packaged with it.

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But Pat's not done folks! Over fishing for fishmeal is ravishing our oceans so Chapul is developing a product to help combat traditional fish food by using insects. Again, Pat's thinking about sustainability and the water. He gets it. Let's hope more people and companies get it before the gettin's gone.

For those who are hesitant but still wanting to do their part for the planet and really, Earthlings on a whole, a Chocolate Chapul shake may be the best way for you to do so.

But if you do decide to join the 80% of the world's nations and become a hardcore entomophagist (insect eater) remember what they say- The bigger the larva the better the grubbin!

Chapul Chocolate Avocado Mousse with Cricket Protein and Strawberries

1 Chocolate Chapul Protein Pouch

1 Cup Frozen Strawberries

1 Ripe Avocado

½ tsp Vanilla Extract

2-4 tbsp Water or Vanilla Almond Milk

Put all ingredients into a food processor and blend until fully combined. Add liquid as needed to help with the blending. Serve immediately or store in airtight container in the fridge.


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Instagram | @chapulrevolution



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