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Art by Seth Singer

The Justice tarot card is a symbol of fairness, balance, and moral integrity in the Tarot deck. In this card, we see a figure typically depicted as a femme holding a sword in one hand and scales in the other. The symbolism in this card is rich and multifaceted, representing several key themes:

  1. Balance and Fairness: The scales in the Justice card symbolize the need for balance and equity in our actions and decisions. It encourages us to weigh our options carefully and make choices that are fair and just. It reminds us that fairness and truth should guide our judgments and actions.

  2. Justice and Morality: This card represents moral principles and ethical standards. It suggests that it's time to take responsibility for your actions and make decisions based on what is right and just. It may also indicate that a situation is being or will be resolved in a way that aligns with justice.

  3. Objectivity and Impartiality: The blindfold worn by the figure in the Justice card signifies impartiality and objectivity. It suggests that decisions should be made without bias or prejudice. This card encourages you to consider all aspects of a situation objectively before making a judgment.

  4. Legal Matters: The Justice card often relates to legal matters, court cases, or contracts. It may indicate that legal issues are at play in your life or that you should seek legal advice or resolution for a situation.

  5. Consequences: Justice reminds us that our actions have consequences. If you've acted with integrity and fairness, you can expect positive outcomes. If not, you may face the consequences of your actions.

  6. Karma: This card also carries a sense of karma – the idea that what goes around comes around. If you've been just and fair in your dealings, you can expect positive karma to come your way.

In a tarot reading, the Justice card can have different interpretations depending on the context of the other cards in the spread. It often signifies a need to make a fair decision, take responsibility for one's actions, or seek legal resolution. It can also serve as a reminder to uphold moral values and act with integrity in all aspects of life. Overall, the Justice card encourages us to strive for balance, fairness, and ethical behavior in our lives.

Reversed Meaning: The reversed Justice tarot card suggests a state of imbalance and unfairness. It signifies the consequences of unethical actions catching up with an individual. It may indicate a lack of accountability or an unfair legal situation. In personal matters, it suggests the need to reassess one's actions and take responsibility for past choices. It can also symbolize an inner conflict or a sense of moral ambiguity. In essence, this card urges one to seek equilibrium and rectify any unjust situations, either within themselves or in their external circumstances, to restore harmony and fairness in their life.


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