Originally published at Dope Magazine

SHWA LAYTART - April 13, 2019

Vintage meet visionary. You know that flower vase your granny had since long before you were born? Or that flower vase your girlfriend bought at the thrift shop?

The world is filled with them, and thanks to self-described “ultrapreneur” and accomplished creative strategist Doreen Sullivan’s latest “creativity in motion” project, My Bud Vase, they’re being turned into bongs. “I started my 32nd year in the entertainment industry with my company Post No Bills and I’ve been an entertainer marketer for all my years,” Sullivan tells us.

“I’ve developed products, packaging, promotions and events with a legacy of a career that I had before I even started My Bud Vase. For 30 years I was making products for other people. Those other people and clients — Disney, ESPN, the Olympics, as well as [companies in] the music and television industries — I am literally a career creative.”

Preferring to use water pipes, but never quite feeling comfortable when someone handed her one due to it being too big, too phallic or just too complicated, Sullivan dreamt of a better, simpler, more feminine bong. She wanted to normalize the experience with something pretty that she could leave out in plain sight.

The idea for My Bud Vase came to Sullivan when she hid her bong among her flower vases when a friend was coming over.

For the next six months, she found all types of vases and began her quest for repurposed materials. “In the beginning, we broke way more glass and screwed up more things than we could save,” she shares. But in the end, she was successful — and the rest is cannabis history. “For my entire career, I hid the fact that I smoked cannabis,” Sullivan reveals. Now, with My Bud Vase, she can share her beautiful, creative products with the world, which, in turn, will hopefully help inspire you!





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