NEXT UP: 3/11/20 Silent Book Club Vegas BREW Edition at Able Baker Brewing

Join us at the next Silent Book Club Vegas. It's time to read! This free event is on March 11th, 2020 at Able Baker Brewing.


Wed. March 11th, 2020

7:30pm - 9:00pm

Able Baker Brewing (*kid friendly)

1510 S. Main Street

Las Vegas, NV


Silent Book Club Vegas: Introvert Happy Hour Literary Event -------------------------------------------------------------------------

FREE EVENT Beverage/Food purchase encouraged to support venue that graciously supports our gathering.

RSVP Not required but nice to know so we can save the right amount of seats.

BYOB, BYOB! Bring your own BOOK. Buy your own BEVERAGE.

DETAILS Join us at the next Silent Book Club Vegas!!! We like reading but sometimes feel that we can't find time to do it. So-Many-Distractions. Our intention is to gather and read among others who find joy in reading or want to learn to find joy in reading.

This is a casual event with no expectations to socialize if that's not your thing, but we would love to meet you. It's kind of like a READING FLASH MOB! Bring a book, sip on a beverage and read silently for one hour with us.

This event is 1.5 hours long. The first 30 min. is to get settled in. Find your seat and order food/beverage. The remaining hour is dedicated to reading.

BOOK DRIVE We donate children's books to Spread The Word Nevada - so bring your children's book donation and we'll drop them off for you! OR for a $1 gift Avantpop Books will donate a book on your behalf.


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