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Oh, the A**holes You'll Meet! A Comic Book Poetry-Guide To Life by Shwa Laytart (2019)

Oh, the A**holes You'll Meet! by Shwa Laytart Illustrated by Sickid (2019)

"Oh, the A**holes You'll Meet!" is a comic book poetry-guide to life that will make you giggle, nod your head and have you mumbling, mmhmm, as you read through each page. Do you have a relentless A**hole in your life? Or do you want to guide someone special in your life from becoming an A**hole? Writer Shwa Laytart originally wrote this poignant, parody poem for his daughter when she graduated high school as a light-hearted guide to life.

This first printing of "Oh, the A**holes You'll Meet!" features illustrations by Los Angeles graffiti artist, Sickid. This hilarious and cathartic story is a universal guide for anyone and everyone having to deal with the characters around them. This is the go-to unique gift for graduations, birthdays or holidays you've been looking for.

"We can all go there, to that ugly extreme but avoid it if you can and happier you will be."

First Edition Hardcover SOLD OUT

Digital download (Coming Soon)

Listen to KPeace and Shwa Laytart read "Oh, the A**holes You'll Meet!

Author: Shwa Laytart

Illustrator: Sickid

ISBN-13: 9781733422727

Publish Date: 10/22/2019

Binding: Hardcover

Size: 5.5 x 8.5

Pages: 30

Edition: First Edition

Sold Out

"Cynical and funny with great illustrations! A more edgy take on the classic Seuss book gifted to many a graduate. Funny and ultimately very sweet with amazing illustrations by street artist SICKID." - R.K.

"Hilarious and TRUE! I loved this book. What a clever twist to a familiar story. There is a lot of useful information in there! It made me laugh and the illustrations were on point. Well done." - Jenn R.

Shwa Laytart


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