Zen Out and Zone In To The Body Mind and Soul with TrannabisChi Digital Healing


The founder of Trannabis, Jamie London Wollberg, is an innovative shining star in the abyss of the cannabis industry. Virtually an unknown in the national cannabis movement, as a differently-able transgender man, Jamie has been a major part of the queer cannabis uprising in California. Jamie has not only video documented growth during his personal transition adding how cannabis has been a primary aid throughout the process, he has also been bringing together the LGBTQ+ community with the cannabis community. A lifestyle movement he defines as Trannabis.

Along with cannabis, t’ai chi and qi gong has been a successful part of his ritual of healing. On April 18th, 2020, Jamie launched the first Trannabis Chi digital event, combining the healing medicine of cannabis, t’ai chi and qi gong, with added classes from a curated group of insightful healers and guides. Closing out the event with a silent disco, Trannabis Chi was hosted successfully via remote video conference, due to COVID-19.

Trannabis Chi courses opens up with an introduction from Jamie about the event, who he is, and then straight into a smooth, relaxing class of body movement. Jamie’s love of helping others is apparent throughout his zen technique of teaching.

The second class was Sacred Transitions Massage & Healing Therapies guided by Brianne Key. For those holding onto trauma, The soft-spoken Brianne is the bodywork therapist we all need for that deep tension release.

Another fun class that was offered was from Kit The Witch, who reads tarot cards, talks to plants, and interprets the stars… They did an astrological reading for all of us currently on the planet.

The event had additional speakers and healers closing out the five-hour experience with a silent disco from DJ wvndr.

With a donation fee of $10 with proceeds supporting the Trans Wellness Center, you won’t find a better way to relax and heal than Trannabis Chi. If you missed their launch, not to worry. The dates for the next digital healing event are below. All you need to have is an internet connection, hopefully a little cannabis, some water and an open heart. After that, let the TrannabisChi courses perform its magic on you.





A Virtual Evening of Healing and Rebirth




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