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As The Neon Flickered
Book of Photography by SinRopes

Winter 2022 Release


First Printing of 125

Hand-bound hardcover

Over 100 pages of photography

Printed and bound in Las Vegas, Nevada by Avantpop Publishing

As The Neon Flickered

Art has explored the complex relationships between pleasure and pain and ordeal and growth throughout its history, from Gian Lorenzo Bernini's statue of religious masochist Saint Teresa in ecstasy to the violent affection of Francis Bacon's wrestlers imagery. Pain is universally present, violently visceral and true, yet barely understood. Especially the kinds that feel good.

I aim to contribute to that history of beauty and pain and growth with this book. The 150 photos in this book were shot in Las Vegas during the Covid-19 pandemic, and accompanying shutdown and re-opening of the city. As the neon flickered.

The majority of rope techniques (box ties, doubled rope, etc) in this book come from Japanese rope bondage art, and to this foundation, I add a handful of positions and knots (strappados, bowlines, etc) that are considered western inventions.

I take a lot of inspiration from Japanese photographers like Issei Suda, Nobuyoshi Araki, and Daido Moriyama. And I love modernist photography, like the work of Group F/64, but I also love Alfred Stieglitz and William Mortensen. Oh, and fashion photography, like Horst P. Horst, Irving Penn, and Helmut Newton.

Many of the shapes in rope bondage can range from uncomfortable to intensely painful for the model, and carry physical risks. I've been honored to work with incredibly talented models who make it look a lot easier than it is.

And I drink whisky.



Who is SinRopes?

The short answer is that I drink whisky and tie people up.


The longer answer is: I am an artist who mostly works with photography, ink and paint, video, rope--this is the tying people up part--and live performance. I’m deeply influenced by a wide range of art including the work of Francis Bacon, Barbara Kruger, Baroque masters like Bernini and Caravaggio, and modernist photographers like the members of Group F/64...And I drink whisky.

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