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Originally published at Dope Magazine


Photo Credit: Sugar Laytart

The night moved like velvet and felt like a backyard party with friends you have never met but convinced yourselves you’ve known each other in past lives.

The host Valery Sepulveda and Dane Diseth who both run the cannabis consulting firm High End Creatives, designed a space that allowed their guests to float around and experience everything from DJ sets and performances by DJ Schloo and Alia Kadir, friendly conversation with folks from smoke lounge Elevate Jane and outstanding cocktails by True Terpenes with CBD vodka from Humboldt Distillery.

The tasty bites of Wagyu Caviar Tartare, Peach, Pluot Carpaccio both infused with THC and a Coriander Cheesecake with CBD and THC was something you wanted to drop your face into.

All served up by chef, horticulturist, DJ and producer Dean Barker. No shortage of Fero joints were passed from hand to hand, and a silent auction with a slew of goodies from some of LA’s top cannabis sponsors took place. Which is why this packed backyard Hollywood hills shin-dig is going down.

High End Creative was fundraising for Chelsea Leyland. Chelsea is a DJ, model and cannabis activist with epilepsy. Her sister also has a more severe form of epilepsy and has to have full time care. Chelsea is in the process of shooting “Separating the Strains,”a documentary about her and her sister’s struggle to educate the UK about medical cannabis, which it does not allow. Chelsea was 15 years old when she was diagnosed with Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy. It took her 16 years before she discovered cannabis.

Now Chelsea is doing all she can to raise awareness of how cannabis helps patients with epilepsy, and hopefully get the medication her and her sister so desperately need.


For more information on the documentary, Separating the Strains, and how you can help, check out:




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