Shwa Laytart

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Shwa Laytart has previously written for a variety of cannabis magazines including High Times and Vegas Cannabis, as well as lifestyle periodicals like Bare Magazine and other prints that have gone the way of the ivory-billed woodpecker. In 2019 Shwa published his first (now sold out!) book - OH, THE A**HOLES YOU'LL MEET: A Comic Book Poetry-Guide to Life (written for his daughter). His second book, an anthology of poetry, F*D-UP POETRY FOR F*D-UP PEOPLE IN F*D-UP TIMES, was released in 2021.


Currently, the reclusive drug war activist, avantpop counter-culture journalist, freelancer, and satirical dark poet, writes deep in the witching hours and dwells in the high desert underground of Las Vegas, Nevada, with the cerebral chuckwallas, raconteur roadrunner, and twisted dust devils. 


His third book, STONED HISTORY: THE TRUE(ISH) HISTORY OF CANNABIS CUISINE & OTHER INTOXICATING CONCOCTIONS, is scheduled to be released in April 2023 by Avantpop Publishing and is currently working on a children’s book series illustrated by Avantpop artists.