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Originally published at Rize Entertainment


An artist with style, creativity, and S.T.E.A.M.- Suzanne Galal’s band Suzanimal is tickling our minds with her EP release of Body.

Being a Pharm.D., pharmacist, professor, and musician takes skill and scheduling.

Luckily, having a scientific brain helps Suzanne Galal organize her time.

“I just work with the time slots I have and then put my focus on my creativity when that time is right.” When you’re a career woman, you can’t wait for the muse- you have to book an appointment and make sure you show up on time with lots of notes and ideas. “I practice the bass all throughout the week, but as far as writing music, I have to schedule my time to be able to do it. I know something will happen in that time frame.”

Suzanimal’s sultry sound adds to a plethora of soulful funk that has made the San Francisco Bay Area one of the most musically delicious destinations on the planet.

If Suzanimal’s EP Body is a sample of what is to come, Galal is about to join the ranks of the solid gold sounds that has been defined for decades by artists in the Bay Area. Body is music that makes you want to move your body in all the right ways and your mind into a dreamy, elevated space.

Music created for your body, mind, and soul.

Body’s album art is also deep and rich filled with symbolism that you too will want to know all the details...

“Well, I guess it’s kind of a running theme in my life with my mom and I, that, I would try out for sports and plays and try to do everything but I was never the best at anything, so my mom always told me that ‘it’s okay, you just have a lot of heart’ every time I wouldn’t make something. So that’s what the heart is on the lion, but also, the lion symbolizing the warrior-ness of getting it done. Not thinking about your fears, not thinking about the consequences, or failure, but just going forward with it.”

The fact Galal is a pharmacist with an Egyptian background is also present in the artwork. “The hair of the lion depicts my Egyptian culture and the chemical compound [in the details of the design] is dopamine because one of the songs is about ideas and the neurotransmitters that are activated when you have ideas is dopamine.”

Photo Credit: Brittany Powers

She worked with artist Sara Gerstel who spent time with Suzanne at her home and developing a color palette and concept based on the bassist's personal vibe which happened to be exactly what Suzanne wanted for her cover art to convey. Warm and inviting with seduction and power. A vibe that encapsulates Suzanimal’s smooth grace.

Suzanimals’ EP Body has an elegance that’s reminiscent of Sade and Nora Jones with a sound that conjures up thoughts of the Talking Heads and LCD Soundsystem.

Body is an animal that is going to creep into the night and our soul then make sure that we sleep well and wake up refreshed.

The nutritional supplement of groove that everyone needs at the end of the day- and it’s available over the counter.



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