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Originally published at Elevate NV


With the spark of the New Year, optimism is in the air. 2019 is the year of wellness and Agrima is here to help guide you to better living. If your goal is to reach a higher state of pleasure and achieve wholeness in 2019, Agrima tinctures in CBD, THC and a 1:1 ratio are the solution you’re looking for. Agrima is a Sanskrit word meaning captain or leader.

“Our aim is to empower the agrima within, equipping you to guide yourself to a higher quality of life, naturally.”

Why tinctures over pills?

Tinctures absorb through your mouth sublingually, quickly getting the product into your bloodstream with little to no digestion. The effects are felt much faster allowing you to enjoy your day or night.

Potency & Flexible Dosing

Tinctures maintain a high concentration of beneficial cannabinoids (CBD, THC…) from the cannabis plant. The measured dropper allows you to customize your dose. Some days you might have more pain than others, or maybe you’re having a hard time sleeping and need a couple drops to achieve that restful night sleep to refresh for the next day.

Taste & Shelf Life

Not all herbal extracts are created delicious. With Agrima you don’t have to worry about the bad taste of an alcohol-based tincture or of an added-flavor ingredient overload. Agrima uses the highest quality lemon essential oil and silky-smooth grapeseed oil as the base. Our cannabis is processed to extract the beneficial cannabinoids while removing the cannabis aftertaste. With high standards of processing and manufacturing, Agrima provides the cleanest, most reliable cannabis products on the market.

Customized for your Convenience

Whether it’s a CBD kind of day to get you through a stressful meeting, or a 1:1 to manage your inflammation flare-up, or maybe you need a strong THC to get you through a restless night, Agrima’s 1 oz. tinctures are small enough to carry in your pocket, purse or briefcase and are discreet enough to be used anywhere. Just a few drops and you’re on the path to a higher state of pleasure.

Did you know?

• Agrima tinctures can also be used as a topical. Grapeseed oil is highly absorbable and is an effective carrier for the medicinal properties of the plant. Use directly on your skin or mix with your favorite lotion or cream.

• Cannabinoids have been proven to have an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect in numerous studies. CBD engages with the endocannabinoid system in many organs throughout the body, helping to reduce inflammation systemically.

• Grapeseed oil makes a wonderful carrier oil for aromatherapy and aromatherapy massage. Customize your tincture to your needs.

Agrima tinctures are available in these formulations:

1:1 THC/CBD | CBD 20:1, 10:1 | THC

Find 300 mg and 600 mg doses at participating Nevada dispensaries, including:

NuWu in Las Vegas | The Apothecarium in Las Vegas | The+Source in Las Vegas and Henderson



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