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Originally published at Dope Magazine


Photo Credit: Sugar Laytart

City Compassionate Caregivers – Los Angeles, CA

On the corner of 7th Street and Anderson sits City Compassionate Caregivers, a cannabis castle composed of two levels of operations. CCC is the gatekeeper to the Los Angeles Downtown Arts District. This area is tattooed with arts culture, including destinations like Dry River Brewing and Indie Brewing Company, plus world-famous lowbrow art space the Corey Helford Gallery.

As befitting a dispensary in the company of artists, City Compassionate Caregivers retail space is filled with some of the most unique brands and highest quality products this writer has ever seen.

Photo Credit: Sugar Laytart

The People

Visiting City Compassionate Caregivers felt like coming home to a family reunion.

I’ve never been greeted with a more loving vibe, but it wasn’t just me who received this warm welcome; a sense of stress relief overtook every smiling person that walked in, so much so that it stood out from other dispensaries I’ve visited. No wonder Weedmaps reviews give City Compassionate Caregivers an average 4.8-star rating, and High Times named them the second-best dispensary in Los Angeles.

Photo Credit: Sugar Laytart

The Product

City Compassionate Caregivers here at The Cure Company, has been providing some of LA’s finest cannabis for 20 years. In that time, they’ve collaborated with noteworthy pro-cannabis performers to grow their brands.

B-Real of Cypress Hill is a longtime supporter and associate, as are members of the Wu-Tang Clan, Nipsey Hussle and Snoop Dogg.

Incidentally, CCC uses Snoop’s Premium Nutrients for some of the cannabis they grow in their two-story, multi-room, on-site grow facility (these guys are straight-up vertical!), including custom blends like Mandarin Cookies and the oh-so-lovely Glazed Apricot Gelato. My suggestion is to get glazed! They also support new and upcoming brands like Tree Base Klear, a truly clear vape cartridge oil. It’s refreshing to see a dispensary that supports the smaller brands, isn’t it?

Photo Credit: Sugar Laytart



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