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Originally published at Dope Magazine


The Container Yard: Art and Event Collective Space

Rising from the ashes of a massive Japanese confectionery facility deep in the heart of the Art District in Downtown Los Angeles, The Container Yard is quickly becoming the creative’s go-to place for art and events.

They’ve hosted private canna-dinners, sponsored events by their neighborhood dispensary, Cannabis City, and this last March they even hosted DOPE Magazine’s first Budtender Appreciation Day. With massive murals that seem to shoot up into the sky, it’s no wonder people are gravitating here.

The People: When business partners Ash and Anthony first bought the place, they weren’t exactly sure what to do with it. “We would clean out a section, and while hanging out in [the space] with friends, someone would throw up some graffiti art; we started thinking, this could be a great space for an art gallery, as well as a collective for artists to create their work,” Anthony recalls as we walk through a maze of buildings and into a large courtyard in the center of the property. But they also knew they needed to bring in money to keep the space afloat.

“We want people to come here for their everyday needs, then while here, walk through the space to discover all the art.” – Ash of The Container Yard

The Product: The Container Yard will soon be home to a variety of retail businesses, including a plant store, a gym and even a barbershop. Ash and Anthony see so much more for the space and its potential, however, and are in no hurry to define it into any specific category. Ash points out, “We want people to come here for their everyday needs, then while here, walk through the space to discover all the art.” It will continue to be a space for artists and cannabis events, and with Adult Use just around the corner, there is no doubt The Container Yard will be one of Los Angeles’ best places to spend some time blazed.


Instagram: @thecontaineryard | Twitter: @TCYDTLA | Location: 800 E 4th St, Los Angeles, CA 90013



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