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Since 2013 fans of Cards Against Humanity have been playing the hilariously twisted mobile app game designed for adults, EVIL APPLES. A fun word-play game that brings out the freak in everyone.

In the same vein as CAH, players receive a question card and can fill in the blank with a variety of answer cards. However, the answers (and questions) tend to be a little stranger (and filthier) than CAH. Players can also create their own wild cards with fully-customized text. Evil Apples also has in-game chat. You can, not only play with friends anywhere in the world, but also play with strangers.

Much like the apple in the Garden of Eden, Evil Apples brings people together and from time to time, a love connection is made.

There’s something to be said about people who find love within the absurd… A truer love can not be found!

When Katelyn Petree’s friend suggested that she download Evil Apples so they could play it together, Katelyn thought it would be a fun way to spend time with her friend online and play a creative game that would make everyone laugh.

She had no idea she would discover her soulmate.

Eric Olson doesn’t remember how or why he downloaded Evil Apples, but one thing is for sure, he’ll never forget playing it. When a game with a stranger turned into a friend request, Eric took the... apple, and a big bite out of it!

“I think it was one of the first few games that I played when I got a friend request from Katelyn and she started inviting me to some games. When I joined the games Katelyn would always say, ‘Hi Babe!’ in the little chat on there. So then we just kept playing and talking in there and stuff. Then eventually we got each other's Instagram and then after that we got each other's numbers and started texting. We’d play the game all the time, when I was on break at work... We would play the game all the time. Then we ended up Facetiming at the end of every night, even falling asleep Facetiming. That’s when we discovered we were both in California”, Eric admits.

For Katelyn, Evil Apples brought her lots of laughs, in many forms. “I was just playing and there was this guy on it whose profile picture was a picture of straight up his nose. I was like, okay, this guy seems funny.” So let the games begin! Katelyn and the mysterious nose-man begin playing Evil Apples together, “then one day he changed his profile picture... I was like- YUP! He’s hot and he is all mine!” Katelyn jokes playfully.

Two or three months after that first game, Eric and Katelyn decide to meet in person. At the time, Katelyn was writing a personal blog and documents their trip up the coast of California camping and swimming at a waterfall in the redwoods.

It reads like a romance novel and couldn’t be more magical if J.K. Rowling wrote it.

Now, just like Evil Apples, in romance you need a second willing partner. So was Eric feeling the same butterflies as Katelyn? He absolutely was! A few months later they moved in together and exactly a year to the date of their first meeting in person, Eric proposed. “I just knew she was the one.”

On November 25th, 2019 Katelyn and Eric Olson were married in Borrego Springs State Park at Font’s Point, California.

Katelyn and Eric aren’t alone. Since its inception, Evil Apples has received hundreds of stories speaking of finding true love, close friend connections, and from people truly bonding which would have never happened if it were not for playing Evil Apples.

Evil Apples Deck Themes and Sample Cards

Below are quotes from story submissions by Evil Apples players

"When we met, we got randomly paired in a game 3 times in a row. We started chatting in the game, and the rest is history! I moved out here to be with him in September of 2016. We've been together ever since!"
"This game has broken the ice and made us all closer as coworkers and it definitely feels like we're all on the same page now!"
"We talked for 6 months and have been married for 3 years. We have known eachother since Evil Apples started."
"I definitely recommend it as a team bonding experience when everyone is of age of course!"
"I did make real friends in Evil Apples whom I never met in person before. Became friends on this platform and meet them later. Of course, not all but there are still some more people I encountered in Evil Apples and yet to make real world encounter some day."
"I am from northern New York and she is from northern Pennsylvania and we're in the process of buying an apartment and am now currently making plans to marry this person. I just wanted to get in touch with you to say thank you, for changing my life for the better."

Are the newlyweds still playing Evil Apples? “We haven’t been as much recently…” Eric says with a hint of guilt in his voice.

You just got married Eric, no need to feel guilty. I know Evil Apples is extremely happy with how everything turned out.

Congratulations you two- Game on!

See what the Evil Apples buzz is all about.

Download the app at

Have you found friendship or love playing Evil Apples? Submit your story at



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