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F*d-Up Poetry for F*d-up People in F*d-up Times by Shwa Laytart (2021)

F*d-Up Poetry for F*d-up People in F*d-up Times by Shwa Laytart (2021)

Shwa Laytart's book of poetry, F*D-UP POETRY For F*D-UP PEOPLE In F*D-UP TIMES takes the reader on a journey through the darkness of our times and the darkness in his mind, sometimes finding the humor in it all, as well as bits of inspiration and flashes of light at the end of the tunnel. His satirical, witty, and twisted observations, done in a variety of poetic styles will have you teetering from laughter to crying as you make your way to the flipside. Weaving the push and pull of poetic explorations, this two-sided balancing act, also known as a tête-bêche style book creates harmony and unity amidst the darkness.

Author: Shwa Laytart

ISBN-13: 9781733422703

Publish Date: 9/18/2021

Binding: Paperback

Size: 5.25 x 10.75

Pages: 124

Edition: Limited Edition of 1,000

In Stock

"It's the first book of poems I've owned and all I can think is how These Nuts (Pg.22, Side 2), has changed my life! I have yet to read each of these gems, as I'm taking my time to journey through... each of them stimulating my brain in many ways. The most creative idea to have two sides, each presenting different vibes. Thank you Shwa, for the very relatable, eclectic, variety of poetry. What a gift!" - Robyn H.

"I'll start off by saying I'm not much of a poetry person but I might be one now... The book is witty, dark and accurate. "Squeezes" is dog eared and I revisit it constantly. If it was acceptable to tear a page out, I would carry this one with me, everywhere I go." - Shayla D.

"So, I didn't quite know what to expect when I saw the title of this "flip book" (about 1/2 way through, you flip it over and get to start again with new text). Shwa Laytart published "F*D-UP Poetry for F*D-UP People in F*D-UP Times" and .....hmmmm, the cover (both covers) are pretty out-there and then, I opened up the book. From "Papa Joe's Wine" to "There Once Was a Man Who Sold Mushrooms"...I got pulled in and I have to say, I am not typically a fan of poetry as it sometimes is more of a purging on paper of internal thoughts and emotions, but this is real, satirical, gritty, irreverent at times but each is spot-on. I am posting a single poem "From the Side of the Road" because I can picture this; it is really a short story that I fell right into. I think almost anybody would love these and if the title is a little ...well, a little "something" set that aside, the content is amazing!!!" - Wendy, Copper Cat Books

Shwa Laytart


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